Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pre-made Cover For Sale - Paranormal Romance

I've designed this as a "Vampire" cover, but it would work for any Paranormal Romance. When you purchase it, I re-arrange the title / name to fit your title and name, include your tagline, and remove the watermark. I don't resell the design after you've purchased it.

A Paranormal Romance cover. Price: $99.
Add a back for print: $149.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pre-made Cover For Sale - Young Adult / Contemporary Romance

I have some pre-made covers, for which you can buy the rights to use with your book. I change the title to your title and "Author Name" to your name. (I hope that was obvious, but it's best to be explicit!)  If you purchase it, I won't won't sell it again.

This cover would be perfect for a Young Adult / Contemporary Romance. A New York Times Review of Books blurb is not included.  :) 

If you're interested in purchasing it, email Price: $79.
Add a back for print: $129.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Urban Fantasy Series

Here's an example of planning a "look" for a series. I've only published one of these so far, A Vampire Carol. However, I have two others planned, and wanted a unified design for each of the books.

Here are some elements that help give a series a similar look, while still allowing for the individuality of each book:

(1) Font
(2) Characters
(3) Placement of Title and Author name
(4) Recurring symbols or motifs

Not every series has to use all of these. Here, for instance, the characters are not exactly the same across all the covers. The font of the title and author name are the same however. The pattern of the title is similar as well (each relates to a holiday, each is a "A Vampire X"). Since these novellas tie into holidays, I've used holiday motifs in each one. Though the individual item changes, it's position on the cover is approximately the same.

Science Fiction Cover - STRAT

This is my latest release, a hard science fiction novel about a backwater hick thrown into a galactic war. You can purchase it here.

Spiritual Covers - Mystics and Martyrs and Eti Ati

This is a nonfiction book about mystics from nine different faiths. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Here's another nonfiction book which I did for the same author:

This book can be purchased here.