Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Urban Fantasy Series

Here's an example of planning a "look" for a series. I've only published one of these so far, A Vampire Carol. However, I have two others planned, and wanted a unified design for each of the books.

Here are some elements that help give a series a similar look, while still allowing for the individuality of each book:

(1) Font
(2) Characters
(3) Placement of Title and Author name
(4) Recurring symbols or motifs

Not every series has to use all of these. Here, for instance, the characters are not exactly the same across all the covers. The font of the title and author name are the same however. The pattern of the title is similar as well (each relates to a holiday, each is a "A Vampire X"). Since these novellas tie into holidays, I've used holiday motifs in each one. Though the individual item changes, it's position on the cover is approximately the same.

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